Who we are

The Machine Learning Karlsruhe group (ML-KA) gets together once per week and discuss a current research paper. The papers are mostly from the field of deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, meta learning, speech recognition or any other machine learning related topic. The discussion itself is very open minded, follows roughly the structure of the paper and lives from the questions of the participants. If you are interested please join one of our weekly meetings, the dates and locations can be found on meetup.

What we are doing

Paper Discussion Group

In the Paper Discussion Group (PDG) we discuss on a weekly base recent and fundamental papers in the area of machine learning. For several weeks, we follow one track to dive a bit deeper into a topic by reading matching or correlate papers. If you are interested, read the paper and join us. If you have not fully understood the paper, you can still participate - everyone is welcome! You can join the discussion or simply listen to it. The discussion is in german or english depending on the participants.